Supply Chain

Modern Slavery and Human trafficking are known to be some of the worst examples of human rights abuses. We have zero-tolerance for this in any form from our brands and ensure that brands have met our Ethical trade code of conduct requirements.


We understand the importance of the raw materials used by our brands and the impact of our business to the environment. Which is why we aim to offer full traceability of those raw materials, only aligning with brands which use organic, recycled, repurposed or made of sustainably sourced semi-synthetic materials raw materials.


Community focused, we encourage our brands and partners to work with us in our journey of continuous improvement in operations with regards to ethical trading, environmental protection and business ethics. Creating a community where circularity is at the centre, and textile waste is a thing of the past.


In any case where a brand or partner does not meet our standards. we will try to ensure a positive resolution, but will not hesitate to terminate business relationships with brands and partners who do not share our values.


We ensure that all of our brands and partners align with and support our values. We believe in complete transparency and zero to minimal waste in the design and development of garments and trade, creating a world with no textile waste.


Focused on helping emerging and existing sustainable designers connect, network and grow their business. We offer community focused events and knowledge share webinars to support our designers to equip each designer with key industry knowledge to help improve the sustainable processes with in their businesses and maximise their sales

How we work

Ethical X Sustainable Shop

Seamlessly search through ranges of carefully curated sustainable one- of-a-kind handmade garments from some of the brightest emerging ethical x sustainable designers.

Support Sustainable Designer

Supporting emerging ethical x sustainable designers, with comprehensive summaries offer to look critical areas from growing to establishing your brand.

Upcycle Marketplace

Have your unwanted clothes revitalized and reimagined into a made to measure, tailored, one of a kind piece by one of our designer.