This policy (the “Dispute Resolution Procedure”) should be read in conjunction with the Membership Terms, and the Standard Terms of Supply and all defined terms shall have the same meaning as in those terms.

Should a dispute arise between a Client and Designer party to a Supply Agreement (the “Dispute”) the following procedure shall apply:

  1. Either party may refer a dispute to us. We shall not be obliged to consider every dispute, and it shall primarily be the responsibility of the parties to resolve any dispute concerning a Supply Agreement.

  2. We may from time to time charge a fee to review a dispute where necessary, in which case we will provide details of that fee to each party prior to reviewing a dispute and our review of such dispute may be subject to payment in advance.

  3. The Designer and Customer shall cooperate in good faith with our personnel appointed to review the dispute. We will exercise reasonable care and skill in making a recommendation in respect of the dispute, which may include issuing a refund.

  4. Where we recommend a refund (or partial refund) is issued, and the Designer agrees, we shall refund all or part of the Transaction Fee paid in respect of the Supply Agreement which is the subject of the dispute, to the Customer, in the same proportion as a refund made by the Designer.

  5. Where we recommend that further action is required from or by the Customer, we may at our discretion offer to mitigate any further expense to the Customer by reimbursing part or all of the Transaction Fee, to the Designer, set-off against sums recommended as due to the Designer from the Customer.

  6. Where, in our sole discretion, we determine that a party to a Supply Agreement has not complied with the Standard Terms of Supply, or the Membership Terms, and that same party does not comply with our recommendation under this Dispute Resolution Procedure, we may suspend or terminate the account of that party.

  7. Any such termination or suspension shall be without prejudice to any rights and obligations arising between the parties under the Supply Agreement.


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